Stabie-Soft was formed in 1996 in Austin to provide low cost software solutions to mask layout. The company incorporated in 2007. The company provides back end software and design consulting. Our tools are now in use in over 8 countries with over 70 customers worldwide and are used from tiny optical proximity correction work involving a few polygons to billions of polygons used in processor and graphics type chips. The editor has completely replaced ICGraph or Virtuoso in at least five companies and has produced hundreds of working chips demonstrating its reliability. The capacity of the system has proven itself. One example was a customer who could stream out his design using Virtuoso, but couldn't stream it back in. He then tried slam to stream in the data. It succeeded the first time, and in less time then he expected. Our customer list spans from the layout contractor working out of their house to 3 customers on the Fortune 100 list. Maybe we can include you to?

Our philosophy at Stabie-Soft is different from most EDA vendors.
* We price our software reasonably.
* We provide fast response to customer problems, usually providing a real fix to the problem in 24 hours or less.
* New features are driven by customer requests.

We encourage you to take advantage of our free 30 day evaluation offer to make sure the product is right for you.

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