Please note that data is portable between all platforms. There is no additional charge for using more than one platform/port.

x86 machines using Linux 2.6 (Compatible with Linux 2.6/3.2 etc)
* Works on almost any flavor(RH 6.x-enterprise, CentOS, SuSe 8-10, Fedora, Ubuntu...)
* Runs on a laptop. Our HP running Fedora 20 provides on the road editing/viewing. Any laptop running Linux/X should work. We have previously used various flavors of Ubuntu on the laptop with success.
* Almost any video card will work in conjunction with slam because slam supports 16/24/32 bit true color visuals.

AMD Opteron/Intel 64 Linux 2.6/3.2+ 64 bit.
* Low cost alternative for editing very big chips. (90GB+ stream files have been edited using x86-64's.)
* Fully compatible with all other ports.
* x86-64 port is threaded for multi-core processor configurations. Multiple cpu's can provide a substantial performance boost to redraw, selection, net tracing, DRC and data translation.
* While the 32 bit code will run on the 64 bit platform, it is faster to run the 64 bit code on the x86-64. So, if you have x86-64's, you'll want the 64 bit port.
* Our Opteron setup is a dual monitor setup and came from ASL Labs all setup for linux. The box is a Marquis 4-way workstation with 16GB of memory. An example of the dual monitors showing schematic and layout with the net "Y" cross probed.

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