Perpetual floating license
Product 90 day support period
Slam-View $200
LD-View $4000
Slam-Edit $4000
Scheture $1400
Secours $2000
(Includes LD-View)
FDRC $2000
FLVS $1600
XTK $800
Plotting $3000
MEBES $3000

For the perpetual license, a 90 day key is issued. After the 90 days and payment has been received, a permanent non-transferable key is sent. After the permanent key has been issued, the license is locked to the machine. No rehosting is possible after the key has been issued. Questions/support is available at a rate of USD300/hr or any part thereof after the 90 day free support period. Software upgrades are not included for these perpetual licenses.

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