Time based floating license
Product Period of one year
Slam-View $100
LD-View $1000
Slam-Edit $1000
Scheture $400
Secours $500
(Includes LD-View)
FDRC $500
FLVS $400
XTK $200
Plotting $1000
MEBES $1000

Customers receive software updates during the lease period.
All licenses are non-transferable.
Unlike most of our competitors, licenses may be used globally within the company and are not restricted to an arbitrary geographic location.
You may not resell or sublease a license. License is for exclusive use of the purchaser.
Quantity and package discounts are available. We can probably provide you layout licenses for your whole company for less than one retail copy of XL. Perpetual licenses are still available to individuals. Contact us for a specific quote.

Need a short term license? We do monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual length leases at minimal to no premium in price.

Stabie-Soft encourages a free 30 day evaluation of all of its products. To obtain your 30 day evaluation key, software and PDF manual, send your request to sales@stabie-soft.com We will email you back a tar-ball of the documentation, a tar-ball of the software, installation instructions, a key file, and a short demo. We understand that frequently it requires more than 30 days to evaluate these complex products. If at the end of the 30 days you need additional time, we generally will extend the evaluation period another 30 or 60 days. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the product before you purchase. We do not share any customer information with anyone. It's as easy as that. You'll probably be playing with the software the same day you make your request. Simple as that.

If you are in the Austin area and would like a demo of the software, please contact us. We can demonstrate the product at our office on a fairly large opteron machine with twin monitors, or on your equipment, or we can bring a laptop to give you a quick demonstration at your facility.

For Sparc platforms, send your hostid and hostname along with your request. We only support 64 bit versions of solaris, which requires Solaris 8 or higher.

For x86/32 bit linux platforms, send the result of "/sbin/ifconfig" and "hostname" commands so a key can be created.

For x86/64 bit linux platforms, send the result of "/sbin/ifconfig" and "hostname" commands so a key can be created.

All flavors of linux are supported IE RedHat, SuSe, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.

Sorry, we DO NOT support MicroSoft operating systems. *NIX only.

All prices are US Dollars. We welcome non US orders. Other currencies accepted at the prevailing exchange rate, with no exchange premium.

As bug fixes and enhancements to the software are made, you will get new versions of the software at no charge. Upgrades are included in the purchase price.

STUDENTS: INSTRUCTORS: Contact us for university/educational use pricing.

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