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The DLD in the image below shows the window that controls graphic schematic and layout window visibility and selectability. The top of the DLD contains the name of the window currently under control. Below that is a row for each layer for the window. The left side of the row contains a square of the color/stipple for the layer. Immediately below is a white line when the color is set to visible in the corresponding graphic window. To the right of the color swatch is the name of the layer. Immediately below the name is another white line indicating the layer is selectable. The right hand side of the row is an "invisible" scroll bar that can be used to scroll the window up and down by holding the mouse down in the area and moving. Clicking in the left side of the row toggle layer visibility and clicking in the middle toggles selectability. The DLD window has its own set of unique hot keys and has such functions as turning off fills for all layers, restricting the set of layers displayed to only the layers in the design edit cell or window hierarchy.

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