Slam-Edit is an IC mask layout editor. The editor is a full featured editor with all the standard commands expected in an editor. The editor does provide some unusual features not found in competitive products. The Editor's performance on today's large databases stomps the competition. In very, very large designs, alternative systems such as Virtuoso can't even open designs that slam handles with ease.

Slam-View is an IC mask layout viewing system capable of displaying mask data on multiple X servers simultaneously. The product is an excellent tool for multiple campus design reviews. The viewer even includes cross-sectional viewing. Installation is simple. Just unpack our tar file, update your search path to the installation bin path, start the license server and your ready to go. Pre-defined configuration files can have you reading your gds data in minutes. Get your eval copy today to see just how fast stream reading can be!

ssviewer is a free gds viewer that is the slam-view product with some features such as cross sectional viewing removed. Feel free to download the sw and use it at no charge.

XTK is an option to either the Slam-Edit or Slam-View product providing interactive net tracing and short locating.

Scheture is a schematic capture system. The package includes verilog, spice and SMASH (a mixed mode simulator from Dolphin) translators as well as plotting. The schematic package can also generate a schematic from a spice or verilog netlist.

Secours is our schematic driven layout product.

LD-View is a combination of the Slam-View product and the LEF/DEF translators in the Strategy product. LD-View is a low cost way to import P&R designs for review. If later, you need to edit the design, you can add Slam-Edit & Strategy products.

Strategy is a combination of a floorplanning tool, PG Router and DEF editor. Strategy can be used to front-end Place & Route products from single or multiple EDA vendors and to do post route edits in a more traditional layout editor style.

Verification products include both DRC and LVS. The LVS product includes a compare module to compare the extracted netlist to the reference netlist. Both products are integrated within the slam environment.

Slam-Plot adds plotting to the Slam system. Slam-Plot supports HP's PCL type printers and HP's GL2 type plotters as well as the Postscript and PPM file format. Plotting is integrated within the slam environment allowing even multi-million device designs to be plotted in minutes.

MEBES adds a MEBES in translator to the Slam system. With the addition of the MEBES translator, you can verify the correct data was sent to the mask shop.

Stabie-Soft also offers OEM arrangements. The software can be embedded as a viewing framework for your EDA tool. Contact us for details.

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