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I used the AndroWish project to provide a Tcl/Tk environment to provide the same remote interface to the various DIY projects. This allowed the same Tcl/Tk code to be used for both desktops/laptops and phones. The existence of the unique AndroWish command "borg" is used to determine if the code is being executed on the phone or on a a regular Linux box.

When I switched to my latest phone running Oreo, I discovered I could no longer reference the AndroWish app libraries in my app. As a result, I created one super app containing the AndroWish code and the Tcl/Tk code of all of my apps. I found the easiest way for me to build everything was to download the Android ndk and sdk packages (not the android-studio package) along with the androwish package. Then I used the ndk package to build the C code in the androwish package. This worked with minimal modification using the ndk-build command. A few include files needed to be modified and the largest change was the the need to change the name of the "libs" directory to "lib" and needing to copy the tcl8.6 and sdl2tk8.6 directories to assets. Next I found a bash script that builds the apk without using ant and gradle. Personally, I found this much preferable as the number of dependencies is dramatically reduced, as it removes all the "magic" of using ant/gradle, not to mention needing to get the right version of ant and gradle. One of the largest problems I see in the build process of apk's is the enormous dependencies on getting the right version of everything to do a build. One note, I did need to force the java version to 1.7. My build machine was using 1.8 and I had to downgrade for the java code in AndroWish to compile. If you get desperate, for a Benjamin, I'll integrate your Tcl/Tk code into a debug apk and send you the apk ready to install.

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