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Training partners:

In India
ARF Design Pvt Ltd. http://www.arf-design.com
email them at info@arf-design.com
Arf Design provides a full range of services in addition to training. They offer contract layout services and can design PCell's for you as well. A few examples of the PCells they have designed are
  • Common centroid transistor
  • Interdigitated transistor
  • Interdigitated resisitor
  • Guard ring
  • Metal capacitor
  • Shielded wire

    EDA vendors with interfaces to Slam:

    Peterson Advanced Lithography (Photo masks) http://www.advlitho.com

    Predictions Software (Yield Analysis) http://www.icyield.com

    Local contract houses with Slam training:

    Signet Design Solutions (http://www.signetdesign.com)

    North Shore Circuit Design (http://www.nshore.com)

    Chuck Watson, Layout contractor (chuk@austk.com)

    Light IC, Layout contracting (joeg1@austin.rr.com)

    Sources for Linux workstations.

    ASL Excellent source for linux workstations. Good prices with linux pre-configured out the door. Check out their Marquis line. Dual's, quads and 8-ways, with dual head graphics cards ready to run X.

    Rand Editor Package.

    Here is the page pointing to the free Rand text editor emulation I did.

    Beagle Bone Projects.

    The Winter Snow Storm of 2021

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