Beagle Bone Main

Since I purchased some extra beagle bone's I was looking for things to do with them. I decided a combination of an irrigation controller and a garage door controller would be useful. The irrigation controller I had I never liked much as the interface was clunky. While I was at it, I figured it would be handy to have a way to open/close the garage door with my phone. Since both are in the garage, I opted to use one beagle bone green for both as there are plenty of I/O.

For the irrigation controller, I needed 7 zones, and went ahead and made the controller support 8 in case I ever added a zone with the wire that was currently unused. I also wanted to try out both I2C and SPI busses, so I purchased a small 3x2 inch ILI9340 touch screen display from adafruit. The display part uses SPI and the touch uses I2C. This also meant I could see what the irrigation system was doing without having my phone handy. I decided to make some of the features available from the little display like setting rain mode and running a program.

As with the pool controller, I've broken the project into pieces, the hardware for both the irrigation and door opener, the individual C programs and the individual Tcl code.
The actual hardware
The C coded irrigation daemon
The C coded garage door daemon
Client irrigation Tcl code
Client garage door Tcl code

Note neither the client code nor the server C code is setup for any level of authentication or encryption. You will want to add some sort of authentication. With luck you can uses bits and pieces of this project in yours.

The final installed controller door open

and door closed with the display in the normal state showing program days/times, current time and day of week as well as if the system is in rain or normal mode.

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