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I started with a DIY pool controller, and have added a combination garage door controller/irrigation controller project. Note all of these projects have additional authentication not described and if you decide to build something with external access you'll want to add authentication as well. Also all of this stuff is interacting with 120V, and some 240. Make sure you know what you are doing.

Pool Controller

Combo Garage Door/Irrigation Controller

SPI code for adafruit display.
For the irrigation controller, I added a small display on the box so I could do a few operations without needing to connect to the controller from a PC or phone. The snippet of code needed to interface to the display in 9 bit SPI mode is shown here.

In the works... A monitor for the AC compressor. Had a capacitor failure that probably could have taken out the compressor. Circuit breaker did not trip even with the compressor in locked rotor. Plan is to monitor current in the compressor using a hall effect sensor and disable the contactor if a fault is detected.


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