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The grandfather clock project is actually pi based. So far just pictures of the completed project and one short clip of it playing something.

The completed clock

A zoomed in photo of the top of the clock. Note the image on the face of the clock changes with the hands of the clock over top of the image. Also on the display on the left/right side is various graphs of temperature and other stuff I keep track of in the house. The clock is sort of a central control unit that can flip on lights, watch the pool temperature etc. Very flexible. The display is touch sensitive so you can control during what time periods the chimes will ring, program the relay that powers the lamp on top of the clock control X10 devices, control other pi/beagle bone devices.

These next photos show just the bottom part of the clock. Connectors make it easy to separate the top (clock, pi, power) and bottom (chimes and strikers) parts.
Side view of the chime unit

Front view of the chime unit

The striker control boards top view

The striker control boards from beneath

Looking up from near the bottom of the chime unit

A short video of a song being played
The video was captured when a few of the notes were miswired, so it has a few oopsies in the song.

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