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A sample of the point to point router can be found here. In this animated gif, the window on the left is the design zoomed to the pin to be connected. The window on the right shows the global view.
The next frame marks the pin to be routed to with the text "Route Target". The following frame identifies the net wiring the router should connect to with by hiliting the net and marking it with the text "Net to hit". The next frames show the result of the route and mark the route with the text "Completed Route". The test on the animation is not created by the router. It was added for illustration. Note in this mode of the router, only a single point was entered to identify the instance pin to be routed. The router automatically identified route targets.

The point to point router can be used

  • to add quick pre-routes.
  • for ECO route fixes.
  • All routes are on the routing grid.

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