Scheture is our schematic capture package. The package is built atop the same database as all of the other Stabie-Soft products. The schematic editor handles iterated instances, bus'ed pins and wires, parameter passing etc.

A beta release of Scheture is available. The new beta interfaces with the open source PC board layout software pcb. Probably only interesting to users who like the Stabie-Soft environment and want to do some small PCB's. Contact sales if interested.

The latest production version of Scheture is 3.10.5, please download it if your using an older version to get the latest updates and bug fixes. The 3.10.5 release enhances waveform viewing. Please see the documentation for full details. The release also splits out the character used for iterated busses/instances.

The 3.10.4 release enhances the extractor to handle 3 terminal transistors to support "discrete" device schematics. It also adds a simple ascii format LT Spice translator to import schematics. A couple of example stereo amplifier examples are included that go from the LT ascii schematic thru simulation with ng spice. A number of discrete transistor and diode models are in the example too.

This latest version adds a new waveform viewer for ngspice generated data. The spice out translator has added integration with ngspice so from a single form, you can generate the spice circuit file, run ngspice and then display the result. Note that Stabie-Soft does not provide ngspice binaries. You will need to download those and compile for your platform.

Perhaps one of the best features is scheture's ability to generate a schematic (and symbols) from netlist formats such as verilog or spice. Take it for a 30 day test drive and see if it is right for you. See the pricing page for details on our free 30 day evaluations.
Pricing for per seat is only $700/yr.

A simple set of schematics along with the verilog and spice generated from them can be seen here. A couple more screen shots showing some graphics are here, here, here and here.

* User control of all object colors and fonts.
* Control of position, size, font, color of property display of symbols.
* A specific placement of a symbol may override property display position, size, font or color.
* A direct on-screen form-less method of editing objects. For example in this example, note how a a box is drawn around the text "W=0.5u". The "cursor" is shown between the 0 and the decimal point. You can simply type, and text will be entered at the cursor with backspace and delete erasing characters. Upon entering a Return, the value is updated immediately, all without the need of using a form. Similarly, in this example, the name of the pin is being updated, again all without a form or moving the mouse. Simple, intuitive and fast!
* Implicit connection of symbol pins by name possible for specific schematics.
** In the schematic here, note the bulk connections are made with this type of connection. No explicit connection to the bulk is drawn, but all unconnected bulks will be connected by name in this schematic only.
* Implicit global connection of symbol pins possible.
* Symbol properties may be set for display only (IE ignored by netlister).
* Symbol generator.
* Net tracing thru the hierarchy.
* Property values "push" down so "in context" display of properties displayed during descends thru the hierarchy.
* Extractor.
* Hierarchical verilog out.
* Hierarchical spice out.
** spice netlister has option for user defined processing of the parameters, allowing you to programmatically alter W, L etc.
* Hierarchical smash out. (For Dolphin's SMASH mixed mode simulator).
* Netlist to schematic generator to build a schematic from a netlist.
** Sample of nor3 and adder. Both these schematics were built completely automatically from spice netlists. Note verilog can also be auto generated for cross probing or visualization of hdl.
* Parasitic net schematic generator to visualize an extracted net's R/C network.
* Interfaces with Mentor's RVE product. Cross-probe between layout & schematic.
* Interfaces to open source waveform viewer GWave.
* User specified port order available for spice subcircuits and verilog primitives.
* Plotting, and includes a command to plot all schematics in a library.
* Sample library of symbols provided.
* Free upgrades after purchase

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