Secours is our schematic driven layout package. The package is built on top of the layout and schematic editors. Secours also supports netlists imported from spice by creating initial layout devices for all netlist components.

* Cross probing of nets/instances between layout/schematic.
* Components snap to other components.
* Components can automatically adjust based on neighbor.
* Objects can be "glued" together to act as one object.
* Flylines to show connections during object moves.
* Sophisticated add wire command that lets you change layers, display a flyline to nearest connection and display a guard halo. Create wire can also snap to or away minDist from objects on the same layer to easily maintain correct spacing to adjacent objects.
* Highlight components in the schematic not yet placed in the layout.
* Show unfinished layout nets.
* Allow one layout device for multiple schematic devices.
* Allow multiple layout devices for one schematic device.
* Schematic may have hierarchy that is flattened in the layout.

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