Slam-Plot adds plotting to the Slam system. Slam-Plot supports HP's PCL type printers and HP's GL2 (HP 650, 750, 1050 to name a few) type plotters. These printers/plotters are very popular plotters in EDA. (If purchasing an HP 500 series plotter, make sure you add the GL2 option.) The plot package can also generate Postscript and PPM files that programs such as GIMP can read and translate to many different formats. Plotting is integrated within the slam environment. Plotting is as simple as selecting the plot command and entering two points. Plotting emulates Slam's CRT style drawing. All window attributes for the drawing window are applied to the plot including visible layers, visible object types, etc.

Pricing for plotting is only $1500. Comparable solutions are 2 to 5 times as expensive, and more importantly, slam-plot is 5 to 10 times faster rasterizing the data. If your waiting more that 30 minutes for your plot software to rasterize, contact us, we can reduce it substantially.

* Visible feedback of area to plot.
* Plot of nets traced by XTK possible, allowing plots of PG or clock only.
* Automatically stripes when plot larger than plotter.
* Plots automatically spooled to plotter when configured.
* Layer visibility, object type visibility, view depth plotted according to window settings. WSIWYG for layout plotting!
* On screen rulers plotted.
* Violation markers plotted.
* Process is abortable by ^C.
* Plotting is built-in. No stream-out needed.
* Plot rotation option.
* Plot axis option.
* Plot legend option.
* Free upgrades after purchase

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