For the fastest, largest capacity layout editor on the market, think Stabie-SoftTM. Our layout editor has a smaller memory footprint than the competition, runs multi-threaded on multi-core machines and is easy to use. Installation is a breeze and can usually be done in 10 minutes. Minimal dependencies (X11 is the only one) and so far has installed on every single Linux distribution, including laptops.

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Now shipping Jan 2024 3.10.9 release: Some bug fixes to DRC and some additional enhancements to pcb design.

Now shipping Sept 2022 3.10.7 release: A schematic interface to the PC Board layout tool pcb. Layout can be done either in slam or pcb. If layout is done in slam, pcb is used for conversion to Gerber format. One board has already been done and produced by OshPark. The example data for the board is included in the example directory of the installation. A new pdf doc, pcb.pdf has also been added.

Changes in April 2022 3.10.6 release: A few obscure crash bugs were fixed.
The hierUtils.tcl example was updated to either create violation markers, a file containing child locations or hilite rectangles with optional text.
The stream summary command adds an option to list the cells.
A new system option -drwExtentBoundary was added that will draw the cell extent of the top cell.
A change was made to improve performance when a library is opened in read only without a catalog manager.

Changes in October 2019 3.10.3 release: A number of minor changes including a new edbFetchObjectField command to access individual object fields instead of always retrieving the entire object description. Also minor changes to the DRC commands vfhBegin, vfEnd and vfCompare for easier usage inside scripts. A minor to the Tk console launch code to remove a problem with gets fetching from the console instead of a file.
Now shipping April 2019 3.10.2 release; Minimal changes, updates to compile on both Linux 3 and Linux 4 kernels. A few bugs were found and fixed during the update. Three versions are now available for the various linux kernels. Note as before the 2.6 version continues to run on all kernels.
3.10.1 changes:
The primary change is a new option to dynamically hilight the shapes under the cursor associated with the net of the shape under the mouse. The name of the net can also be hilited. This is available in both layout and schematic.
3.10.0 changes:
The addition of "middle of line"(mol) support in the technology file. The trace and extraction commands support the new mol layers. The release also adds better Tcl error reporting when Tcl errors are triggered by a bindkey as well as when a programmable cell evaluation has a Tcl error. Lastly the release contains a number of fixes for minor bugs.

November 2017 3.9.1 release; The primary change to 3.9.1 is the DRC is now multi-threaded to reduce run times. Existing decks will work with the new release. The release also adds a few new Tcl commands for accessing/modifying the database programmatically.

July 2017 3.9.0 release; The new release adds a a new parasitic resistance wiring extractor, a new way to organize configuration files, drc/lvs runsets and other technology related files, and "prettier" forms.
April 2017 3.8.3 release; The new release adds a a new hierarchy browser, improvements to spice in, DRC and LVS.

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