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The links below reference some Tcl code for altering the slam database. The code illustrates the power of using a standard programming language for the user interface.

printAllCellsUsingCell A set of procedures to scan whole libraries looking for references to a specific cell. This is useful for finding out if the placement of a cell is unique. It can also be used to find out if the library references a cell from two different libraries. For example, if you had a contact cell in the main library and a reference library, you can easily scan for all cell references of the contact from any library. Once you find the cells using the cell from the wrong library, you can open the cell and update the reference.

bus A procedure to create a wire bus with a single path digitized. The shape of the bus can be stretched/altered after the bus has been entered

changeCellPrefix A set of procedures to alter the prefix of all the cells in a library matching a prefix. For example, you can change all cells called cpu* to mcpu* altering the cell references as well. Used when cells are to be re-used by a different chip.

simpleStreamAndDump A set of procedures to stream in a gdsii file into a library and dump the contents of all of the cells.

mergeCellData A set of procedures to merge cell data from DRC. This can be used to merge the output of a metal fill DRC with the design data.

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